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High-End Photo Retouching Services | The Retoucher

Have you ever looked at a photo and thought that it was too good to be true? If so, chances are that the photo has been edited or retouched in some way. High-end photo retouching services exist to make photos look better than they did before. Retouching techniques can range from minor touch-ups to more complex manipulation. 

High-end photo retouching services use a variety of techniques when editing photographs. These include tonal matching, skin retouching, color correction, masking and background replacement.

Fashion lookbook photo retouching services for photographers.
Portrait fashion studio photo editing services and culling photos.
fashion lookbook photo touch up services for photographers outsouce.

Tonal Matching uses curves, levels and hue/saturation adjustments to ensure that the tones in an image match across different elements within the photograph. Skin Retouching is used to soften wrinkles and blemishes while still maintaining a natural look. Color Correction can be used to adjust the overall color balance of an image or to correct for any color casts that might be present in an image due to lighting conditions or camera settings. Masking is used to isolate particular elements within an image by creating a “mask” around them so that they can be manipulated individually without affecting other parts of the image. Background Replacement is used to replace backgrounds with new ones while still maintaining all of the details in the original background (e.g., shadows, reflections).

The Retoucher has earned a great reputation as a  high-end photo retouching studio in USA and Canada, serving clients such as marketing agencies, photography agencies, photographers, clothing and product brands, architects, real estate agents, photo producers and more. They have been commended by external clients for their courteous service and have achieved a 96% satisfaction rating from their customer base. They have consistently met deadlines for over 1,500 projects and upscaled 400+ CMYK photos for billboard printing and window displays. Additionally, they specialize in natural high-end skin retouching as well as performing simple and complex masking of products, hair and models when needed.

High-end photo retouching services are essential for any client looking for professional grade images that stand out from competitors’ photos. Whether you need minor touch-ups or complex manipulation done on your images—such as natural high-end skin retouching or masking—The Retoucher is your go-to source for quality results with fast turnaround times. With years of experience under their belt providing top notch services to customers across USA & Canada—and achieving a 96% satisfaction rate—you can trust The Retoucher with your most important projects!
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